Portable Ring Walnut Wooden Box

Material:walnut and MDF
We can customize the boxes as your designs as well.
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Some of the most common types of packaging include:

Bag-In-Box Packaging
Corrugated Packaging
Foam Packaging
Foil Packaging
Glass Packaging
Paper & Paperboard Packaging
Plastic Packaging
Wood Packaging
Read more about these below.

Bag-In-Box Packaging
Used to store and transport liquids, bag-in-box (BIB) packaging is typically comprised of a plastic bag, referred to as a bladder, contained inside a Corrugated Box. The bag, usually made of several layers of metalized film or other plastic materials, is very strong, helping to ensure that the liquid does not leak. Common applications include boxed wine, juice, and other beverages.

Wood Packaging

Made from hardwood or softwood, wood packaging includes a range of different products, such as crates, boxes, and drums. Sturdy and versatile, wood packaging can be easily reused, typically for about four to five years. This type of packaging is often utilized for food and beverage, shipping, and transportation applications.

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