Multi Drawer Necklace Jewelry Wooden Storage Box

Material:Beech and MDF
We can customize the boxes as your designs as well.
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It is said that the gift is light and the affection is heavy, but there is no gift box packaging for decoration, and the gift is not valuable. In the process of processing, the gift box packaging usually adopts the mounting process, and the mounting process is very complex, so there are several problems in the production:

1, the gift box packaging warping phenomenon.

The main reason for this is that too many pieces of paste, and the cardboard edge of the glue has dried and can not be stuck. So usually should be in the post 20 on the press is more appropriate.

2. The wrapping paper of the gift box is too wet, especially for the flat stickers of gold CARDS.

The main reason is due to the gold card paper on the water penetration and loss of ability is very poor, and the ordinary paste adhesive water content itself is higher. So usually use quick dry glue or product development in the sun drying to solve.

3, framed tile or flat stick gift box, if in the air humidity larger environment, place a little longer will appear yellow phenomenon.

The main reason is that some manufacturers used sodium silicate glue or starch glue with high alkalinity. So in order to ensure the quality of gift box packaging we should choose a better quality flat paste and corrugated plastic.

4, the gift box packaging delamination phenomenon, mainly due to the adhesive strength is not enough, it is recommended to choose some regular manufacturers of products, so as to ensure the strength, reduce humidity, increase stiffness, but also to improve the quality and grade of gift box packaging products.

With the progress of The Times, people's living standards are gradually increasing, and more and more people use gift box packaging to decorate gifts, one of the reasons is that the gift box packaging technology is unique, understand the problem of gift box packaging to the mounting technology, after solving it, the gift box packaging can be better used.

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