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Technical Data Reference: CMYK for Packaging Red and blue are primary colors and has been used in a lot of custom printing work, but today, there has been an increase of new variations of colors that are being used in printing. The CMYK color system has become a popular choice for packaging as...
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Technical Data Reference: 

CMYK for Packaging

Red and blue are primary colors and has been used in a lot of custom printing work, but today, there has been an increase of new variations of colors that are being used in printing.

The CMYK color system has become a popular choice for packaging as it consumes lesser ink overall compared to RGB.

Custom packaging is still efficient with offset printing, flexo printing, and digital printing using CMYK, as the RGBcolor code results in a print output different from what you see on the screen. This is owing to the fact that several colors possible with RGB cannot be reproduced by the CMYK system.

It is therefore recommended that you convert your custom packaging image from RGB to CMYK using the graphics software, check if you would be happy with the result and then go ahead with the custom printing job. If you aren’t happy, you can make the necessary changes. Alternatively, you could work with the CMYK color system right from the start.



Surface Finishing:

The Purpose of CMYK

The RGB color model would be inefficient for certain printing purposes, because inks of three colors (red, green, blue) would have to be mixed to get white, which is usually the most dominant color for a document containing text.

Paper is already white, and so, it makes no sense to waste three inks to get something that you already have. If we used the RGB color system in printing, huge quantities of ink would be consumed unnecessarily.

So the CMY (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) color system became the solution! Cyan and magenta can be combined to yield blue; magenta and yellow when combined together gives you red; and yellow when mixed with cyan results in green.

Black is a combination of cyan, magenta and yellow – but printers realized there was no need to mix three inks to get black, black ink could be used separately for the purpose. This was also more efficient, and resulted in what is known as four-color printing or CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key).

CMYK is considered to be a subtractive color as colors are needed to be subtracted in order to achieve other variations until it becomes white.


Why Choose US

1. We offer you the competitive wholesale price, high quality products and quick delivery.

2. Our supply is sufficient to guarantee the customer demand. 

3. We are keeping close communication with our customer ,and quickly solve customer problems

4. We have shipping department and forwarder, so we can promise faster delivery and make the goods well protected.

Our Team and Clients: 

As a factory which have more than 10years experience in packing and printing. We have about 50 staff, our team have 60% experience workers and 40% younger workers, they are all accept professional training. Our team is full of passion and activity, and our objective is maintain high quality products and customer service.


Our Factory:

Our well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production enables us to guarantee total customer satisfaction.

As a result of our high quality products and outstanding customer service, we have gained a global sales network reaching America, Germany and Japan


Trade FAQ

1. Could you do design for us ?

Yes, we can only do simple design for you if necessary, but for special design requirement, we can not help as our designer is a Chinese, and you are the best and right person to understand what kind of design is good for your market and for your brand.

2. What kind of format I should provide you for printing ?

Adobe Illustrator, In Design, PDF ,either is the best .

3. Can I get a FREE sample ?

YES! We can proivide paper box samples with our digital sample machine which color can match 80% as the actual printing machine, with custom paper and design and cutting.

But we required client to take responsible for the express fee. But if you have to get actual sample which using printing machine like production, we have to charge sample fee which is around USD100 to USD300 without express fee. But sample fee can be refunded if order is big enough.

4. How Can I arrange shipment ?

1) You can either use your required shipping forwarder, give me the contact so that I can arrange the shipment for you.

2) If you don't have required shipping forwarder, just give me the airport or sea port so that I can give you quotation and then I will arrange shipment, you will not have headache even you have no experience in it, and our marketing team will give you professional advice in shipping, we can give you air freight cost with delivery time and sea freight cost with delivery time.

5. What warranty you can give me?

After getting your goods for brown paper gift box, pls feel free to speak out your problem either about our service or quality, your common is the best way for us to improve our quality. We will find the best solution together.

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