Wooden Pattern Suitcase Box Set With Handle

There have three sizes:
There have four colors for your choice
We can customize the boxes as your designs as well.
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Gift Box Packaging Printing surface Treatment

The surface treatment of gift box packaging and printing is very important in the production process of gift box. With the development of color printing industry, the post-printing surface treatment of color printing becomes more and more important in the production of package in central China. At present, the success or failure of color printing market competition depends on the packaging of goods to a great extent, and the quality of color printing goods after the surface treatment determines the quality of packaging material market. Therefore, we can say that post-printing surface treatment is an important technical means to improve the level of packaging and enhance the competitiveness of the commodity market printing market. Next, the gift box manufacturer will briefly talk about the surface treatment skills after the printing of gift box packaging:

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