Flower Gift Paper Suitcase Box

There have three sizes:
There have many colors for your choice
We can customize the boxes as your designs as well.
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CMYK for Packaging

Red and blue are primary colors and has been used in a lot of custom printing work, but today, there has been an increase of new variations of colors that are being used in printing.

The CMYK color system has become a popular choice for packaging as it consumes lesser ink overall compared to RGB.

Custom packaging is still efficient with offset printing, flexo printing, and digital printing using CMYK, as the RGBcolor code results in a print output different from what you see on the screen. This is owing to the fact that several colors possible with RGB cannot be reproduced by the CMYK system.

It is therefore recommended that you convert your custom packaging image from RGB to CMYK using the graphics software, check if you would be happy with the result and then go ahead with the custom printing job. If you aren’t happy, you can make the necessary changes. Alternatively, you could work with the CMYK color system right from the start.

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