PVC Transparent Rigid Cardboard Tube Gift Box

Packaging will be unique and attract more customers if it will have a powerful logo, alluring color scheme, and distinctive typography. About 50% of customers will return to buy that product in which they get premium packaging. We can use the idea of uniqueness in Gift Packaging Box also. A gift is something anyone gives each other on occasions. Hence, we can use personalized messages, photos, and wrapping techniques to make our gift unique and it will make the receiver feel exceptional and build our consumer strength in the future.
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Product Details

Quality checking after printing.
After printing, the printed paper will be checked by QC staff piece by piece to make sure the color the same with approval sample.

Quality checking after die cutting.
After die cutting, cutted paper will be checked by QC staff piece by piece before moving to next step.

Quality checking on each production line.
At the end of each line, before packing into cartons, products will be checked one by one by QC staff. Even at each sub-contractor, the end of each line will be our QC who is in charge of checking.

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