What Are The Concepts Of Gift Box Design By The Designer Of The Gift Box Factory?

- Feb 06, 2019-

Gift box factory as the name suggests is the production of packaging box manufacturers, packaging boxes can be classified by materials such as: paper boxes, iron boxes, wooden boxes, cloth boxes, leather boxes, acrylic boxes, plastic boxes, can also be classified by use such as: gift boxes, food packaging boxes, stationery boxes. Packaging box function: ensure the safety of products in transportation, improve the level of products, promote consumption, etc. 

Gift boxes are the most common type of packaging. For gift packaging, many countries have a clear and concise definition. For example, the United States for: gift packaging is for the shipping and sales of products prepared for the act. The United Kingdom: gift packaging is the artistic, scientific and technical preparation for the transport and sale of goods. Canada believes that gift packaging is a tool to deliver products from suppliers to customers or consumers and keep products in good condition. Chinese gift packaging is defined as: in order to protect the product in the process of circulation, convenient storage and transportation, promote sales of auxiliary materials, etc. Nowadays, people have a better understanding of gift boxes, which has a broader meaning. From the perspective of system theory, the purpose, requirements, components, functions and practical operation of gift boxes are linked together to form a complete packaging design concept