What Are The Advantages Of Paper Packaging Boxes

- Jul 08, 2019-

Several advantages of paper packaging boxes:

1. Paper packaging boxes can be recycled to save costs and protect the environment.

2. Compared with other materials, paper has good ink absorption and printing suitability, making the products more beautiful.

3. The cost is relatively low compared with other packaging materials, and it is easier to obtain materials.

4. Paper packaging materials are light, convenient for production and transportation.  It also reduces the convenience of matters such as manpower.

5, its processing performance is good, can be relatively easy to paper covering, glazing, hot stamping surface finishing processing and other paperboard additional treatment;Due to the characteristics of the material itself, it is also easy to press film, cutting and other molding.

6, the paper packaging box regardless of size can be designed in a variety of styles, make the packaging more beautiful.