Unique Color Design Of Gift Box

- May 09, 2018-

The uniqueness of the gift box design is mainly reflected in the two aspects of special color and popular color:

1. Special color:

Some color in packaging design, this should be the color according to its properties, but the general colored pictures, designers often in the opposite direction, using the unusual color, make its products stand out from the same kind of goods, packing the color processing make our vision particularly sensitive, more impressive. Color personality must strengthen the visual impact, packaging plays a promotional role, greatly improving its product market competition ability.

2. Popular colors

Fashion colour color is in line with The Times development, the modern, fashionable colour. It is the information of packaging designers, international business communication signals. When some colors tend to be general, people feel a lack of new stimulus and charm, and requires a different visual characteristics, the characteristics and copied and popular. Annual international fashion colour association released fashion colour, is based on the international situation, market, economic era, and that purpose is to give a person with heart and atmosphere on the balance, so as to create harmonious and soft environment.