Tips On How To Wrap Your Presents With Things You Already Have, Saving You Cash!

- Feb 21, 2020-

You might be spending a lot on gifts this holiday season, and you may dish out even more wrapping them! A recent article shared that Hallmark estimates people across the CN will spend around ¥3.2 billion on things like wrapping paper, wrapping tissue, ribbons, Paper Bags,

Paper Boxes and more.

If you DON'T want to be part of that statistic, here are some recyclable tips that will also help your wallet! We caught up with AG, General Manager of Republic Services . He told us to reuse things we have already! For example, keep the Paper Boxes that have been delivered to your doorstep as a previous gift. Use that or even a reusable bag that many take to the grocery store. This way, your gift recipient can use it over and over again. G shared that there's a misconception.

Styrofoam peanuts, foam and even bubble wrap can be recycled, right? WRONG! They actually cannot be recycled.He jokingly said "Aspirational Recyclers" believe they're doing the right thing tossing items in the blue bin. But, if you aren't sure, do research or just toss it in the trash. Otherwise, you've turned every soiled item in the recycling bin into trash.Try water bottles as "stuffers" to protect your items in Paper Boxes or Paper Bags.

He also suggested newspaper as the tissue paper! Who knows, maybe you'll find a great article that fits the gift you're giving. You can also shred old magazines and scrap paper.G wants to remind you that after you open gifts, remember to recycle the wrapping paper,

even the shiny stuff, but save, repurpose and reuse the ribbons and bows. It's good on the environment and on your wallet. Be careful though! Some fancy bags that have a metallic finish cannot be recycled! We were told that an old phone or tablet cannot be recycled. Check with your local service provider on any special instructions or electronics recycling options.Tips to remember:

Paper Cups, plastic lids, paper sleeves, jars, and more should be empty, clean and dry before tossing them into the recycling container.

You can save paper (both cash and other paper) by creating email holiday cards online.
This one is obvious, but in case you need a reminder. Don't go grocery shopping when you're hungry. Stick to your grocery list, so you don't waste food.
Look around your home. What are items you can use to wrap your gifts? Paper towels, toilet paper, a paper grocery bag, and lots of other crafty ideas come to mind! Challenge yourself this holiday season!Guardado shared that roughly 80 percent of what is thrown away during the holidays can be recycled or re-purposed, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.