The Package Of Tube Box

- May 29, 2020-

For Cosmetic

Green packaging has become a growing concern for manufacturers of consumer products, including cosmetics. Paper tubes designed to hold cosmetics are affordable, recyclable, and eco-friendly. Additionally, the packaging protects its contents, especially fragile glass fragrance bottles.

For Gift

Packaging is part of the product experience. Impress your customers. Stand apart from your competition. Luxury products deserve luxury packaging. As a professional packaging supplier, Anderly Packaging understands that a unique look for gift is one key to more sales.

For Candle

Paper tube for candle is a unique way to showcase your votives, tealights or pillar candles.Whether your packaging design calls for an upscale, luxury look or sustainable, earthy aesthetic, our beautiful candle containers are created with your designer brand in mind.

For electronic products

No matter what the nature and width of your product,we can offer you the right tube from a diameter of 12mm to 228mm. Vape pen tubes, earphone tubes,adult products tubes etc,can be provided for your specialty packaging needs.