The Meaning Of Packaging Design In The Level Of Environmental Purification

- Apr 10, 2018-

Today's packaging plans, for decades, are in line with the world in terms of planning. There is a lot of hope, but there are a lot of problems, because China is a fast-growing developing country. Inevitably, negative tools will accompany this process. We pay attention to the packaging of environmental purification is important on two levels. One is the purification of materials, but more and more intense is the purification of vision, physiology and even perception.

The packing plan looks easy, but it's hard to do. You need to be able to get your customers to understand the producer, the brand, and the history of both in a very limited space. But customers don't have the patience to listen to you all the time. In the planning category, the position of packaging plan is relatively special. It is closer to industrial planning, where planners weigh the material, shape and other details of the package. And its approach is the same as the hot trade pitch. Packaging plan to win as long as a way to attract eyeballs. And it was in 0.2 seconds to distinguish between similar products, caught people's eyeballs.

The environmental cleaning should be related to the production property of packaging. What is involved in the packaging plan? This is what to consider. The package plan should be the package effect plan, the shelter, storage,

Transportation, sanitation, distribution, selling, etc., should be covered by the package plan. However, due to the emergence of commodity market, the promotional and value-added functions of commodity packaging have been excessively contracted. Making packaging a commoditized, utilitarian, ostentatious, secular required to catch up with the cost of an industry. Packaging plan is increasingly lack of group consciousness, lack of concept, lack of civilization attribute, lack of future consciousness and social obligation. We carry out packaging plan within the scope of enterprise cost and self-understanding of the plan. There is no environmental awareness and public opinion.