Some Fixed Methods To Prevent Gift Box Open Glue

- Oct 09, 2018-

No matter it is that kind of commodity in the life, it is the packaging that needs gift box, but when using, to its colour collocation is very take seriously. Many parts of the gift box are pasted with glue. If the paste is not good after a long time, the phenomenon of glue breaking will appear. Below small make up to introduce you to prevent the gift box unglued some fixed methods.

1. Test the glue before the production of the gift box. It is better to hold it in a sticky state between thumb and forefinger.

2, reasonable grasp of the air time. After drying and setting, tear open the edge of the surface paper with external force to see if it has destructive effect. If the glue is fully permeated into the qualified product in the future, it will not be unglued. If it is not false adhesion, the glue or practice should be adjusted.

3. In the process of making the gift box, pay attention to the evenness of the glue. Make use of semi-automatic bubble press or scraper to carpet the surface of the gift box to ensure that the glue can perfectly penetrate into the surface paper.

Above is to prevent the gift box from opening some fixed methods, in addition. The color of the gift box is very key, is also a key to affect sales. If the match is not good, the most direct feedback is to let users have a direct reaction to the product, which is a taboo in sales, so the color match of the gift box is very critical, the connection between the colors should also be well coordinated, giving people a fresh feeling.