Paper Packaging:folding Packaging Box Design

- Dec 02, 2019-

First, the characteristics of the folding carton

· It is a kind of sales packaging container with the most changes in structure and shape and the widest application range.

· Manufacture of folding paperboard or B, E, F, G and other fine corrugated cardboard with a thickness of 0.3~1.1mm, which can be used for color printing.

· Before loading the contents, you can fold and stack the pallets for transportation and storage.

Second, folding carton classification

·General universal carton can be named according to international standards

Reverse insertion (R.T.E)

In-line (S.T.E)

Six-point bonding box

· Can also be named by local feature structure

Rocking box, lock box, lock bottom box, self-locking bottom box, window box, partition box

· Can also be named according to the special contents

Burger box, pizza box, milk house box, juice drink box, popcorn box

Third, the carton folding design "three three" principle

·The overall design of the three principles

Observe, open, use

·Three principles of structural design

1 Sticky and crepe should be attached to the back panel

2 The carton cover should be attached to the rear panel

3 The main bottom plate of the paper tray should be connected to the front panel.

·Three principles of decoration design

1 The main decorative surface should be designed on the front panel or cover of the carton

2 When the carton package needs to be displayed upright, the overall figure should be on the cover and the bottom plate as the bottom.

3 When the carton package needs to be displayed horizontally, the overall figure should be on the left end, the right end is down, and the open position is on the right end.

Information link 1: Raw materials for folding cartons: folding cardboard

Fold-resistant cardboard sheets must have the necessary folding resistance and sufficient flexural strength so that they do not crack along the indentation line after folding.

The varieties of folding cardboard include standard cardboard, white cardboard, box cardboard, linerboard, kraft board, double-sided paperboard, glass cardboard and other coated cardboard.