How To Improve The Moistureproof Of Gift Box

- Sep 04, 2018-

The role of gift box in our life is beyond doubt, it is a good material for packaging items. As we know, the dampness of the gift box will affect the items packed in the gift box, so the dampness prevention has become a concern of the gift box manufacturers. So how to deal with the problem of gift box moisture? Below small make up for you to introduce how to improve the moisture-proof gift box.

A layer of waterproof agent is applied on the outside of the gift box, that is, the surface of the gift box is coated with a layer of wax emulsion to avoid contact with moisture, even if there are drops of water falling on the gift box will not be soaked, forming a good moisture-proof and waterproof effect; It is commonly used to coat the gift box with a waterproof agent containing rosin derivatives or carboxylated polymer emulsion, which is compatible with wax and can be firmly attached to the gift box for a long time without failure, thus forming a long-term moisture-proof effect.

1. Laminating skills

Cover film is pre-printed gift box surface paper, paper boxes, handbags, covers and other goods commonly used decoration processing skills.

2, polish skills

Glazing is a common skill in post-printing processing of packaged goods. After the surface of goods is coated with glazing, the printed matter can enhance its functions of water resistance, light resistance and conflict resistance. Together, the surface brightness of goods can be improved, and the level of goods can be greatly improved.

3. Spray skills

In recent years, with the continuous development of the market economy, liquid drinks, solid frozen food and other commodities on the film board will be more and more demand, film skills are becoming more and more sophisticated.

4, wax skills

Cardboard appearance of the wax skills, its production skills and equipment is relatively simple, the operation is also very simple to grasp.