How To Design A Beatiful Box

- Jul 11, 2019-

How to design a beautiful gift box? The design of gift box should first understand the size and shape of the product, the purpose of the product, and whether the product packaging has special requirements (such as anti-counterfeiting, special materials, etc.), which should be communicated with the business. Once you know that, you can start designing. If there is ideal, it can be advanced to hand-draw on paper. This process may require several modifications (such as size, structure and plane). If it feels good, it can use software to draw structure drawings and plane drawings.    Usually, the plan of gift box design should draw its structure diagram first, and then transfer the structure diagram to the AI to draw the plane design. At the same time, remember the design of bleeding, and after the design is confirmed by the merchant, the film and printing can be produced. General enterprises in the printing and packaging without CTF, and with CTP(making the printing plate overprinter is more accurate), and with CTF out of the film is usually to the knife die film.