How The Gift Box Can Be Designed To Achieve A Striking Effect

- Sep 26, 2018-

Gift box production to play a promotional role, gift box production should first be able to attract the attention of consumers, because only the attention of consumers to the goods are likely to be purchased. Accordingly, the package should use novel and chic modelling, bright-coloured and dazzing colour, beautiful and exquisite design, the material with each characteristic makes the package can appear marked effect, make consumer sees produce intense interest. So how should the gift box achieve eye-catching effect in the design? Below small make up to introduce you.

1. The unique and novel shapes of gift packaging boxes can attract consumers' attention. For example, wine bottles are generally cylindrical in shape. Some of them are designed into complex anchor or human shapes by imitating shapes. Among a batch of wine bottles with cylindrical and rectangular shapes, they will appear very prominent and beautiful.

2. Color beauty is quite easy for people to feel. Some market scholars even believe that color is the first factor determining sales. The security of the gift box with its anti - counterfeiting strength to be large, this is more critical. Among them, the core of anti-counterfeiting efforts is in the design, which is ever-changing and unique. Anti - counterfeiting design is also to improve the printing surface modification effect of the key parts.

3 anti-counterfeiting materials, such as anti-counterfeiting ink, it has the industrial production batch standard, in the anti-counterfeiting is generally used to show the anti-counterfeiting design, rather than to take it as the main anti-counterfeiting. Security materials generally do not have a unique. Therefore, the gift box security should be with security materials to show security design, this security has vitality.

The above is about the gift box in the design of several ways to achieve eye-catching effect, I hope to help you.