Gift Box Design When Color Skills

- Nov 29, 2018-

The design of gift box color skills should be from the following points of attention: first, the color and packaging reference relationship; Second, the contrast between color and color itself. These two points are the key points in the application of color. Below small make up to introduce the gift box design under the color skills.

A, color and packaging care

(1) in terms of industry, food packaging industry normally USES the dominant colors, such as goose yellow and pink, to express the feeling of warmth and closeness. Of course, among them tea, use green many, beverage, use green and blue many, wine, cake kind USES bright red many, children food USES rose many.

(2) in terms of performance characteristics, as far as food is concerned, cakes and pastries are usually golden in color and light in color, giving people the impression of fragrance. The beverage such as tea, beer kind is multi-purpose gules or green kind, indicative tea is full-bodied with balmy; Tomato juice, apple juice is multi-purpose red, concentration is indicating the natural attribute of this article.

Second, the color and the color contrast relations

(1) contrast of color use.

This is in the current packaging design on the frequency of the most widely used range. Alleged depth contrast, should be to point to to be used in the design on color depth two kinds of color appear on one kind of picture ably at the same time, and produce kind to compare harmonious visual Angle effect.

(2) the light and contrast of colors is also one of the important reproduction techniques in the application of packaging colors. This kind of light weight contrast, often it is the background color that USES light simple but elegant foils the theme design that gives dignified and deep, or in the theme design of dignified and deep. The theme and name of the packaging, as well as the trademark or advertising slogan, etc.

(3) the point-to-point ratio (or size contrast) of color is mainly used in the design process of a packaging picture, from a central or centralized point of pigment to the contrast of the overall picture, that is, the contrast between a small range and a large range of pictures.

The above is about the gift box design some color matching skills, I hope to help you.