Gift Box Color Design Commodity

- May 30, 2018-

The main commercial features of the gift box design are as follows:

All kinds of goods has certain attributes, so the commercial of gift box is different from general painting coloring. Medical supplies and entertainment supplies, food and hardware supplies, stationery and cosmetics have larger attribute distinction. And the same kind of product can also be a differentiation, such as medical supplies with Chinese medicine, western medicine, treatment, medicine, tonic, general medicine. The color details of how to treat, play the feeling of color elements (physical, physiological and psychological), makes every effort to the performance of the typical character. For example, in blue, green, antiphlogistic, acetanilide, analgesic, sedative drugs packaging color; Use red and coffee to indicate the color of the tonic package.

Only according to different time and season, different regions, different user habits, living environment in different regions, according to local conditions, gift boxes can achieve good product promotion effect by different color collocation.