Factors Affecting The Smoothness Of Gift Boxes

- Jul 17, 2018-

Gift boxes are widely used in packaging products, according to the different materials, there are various specifications and models. The flatness of the gift box has a great impact on the packaging effect and decorative effect, but sometimes in the production of the gift box will not be quite flat, so what are the factors that affect the flatness of the gift box? Below small make up to introduce you.

1. There are many types of cardboard used in the packaging of gift boxes, which are different in terms of quality and type, etc., so the flatness of gift boxes will also be affected in the production.

2. If the spray device used in the packaging of the gift box is different, the humidity of the cardboard may be different. The difference in moisture content between the outer edge side and the inner core side is to cause the change in flatness.

3. The humidity in the storage environment will also have an impact on the flatness of the gift box. The higher the humidity in the storage environment, the greater the impact on the flatness of the gift box.

As a part of modern gift giving, gift box packaging bears the important responsibility of appearance, product protection and aesthetics, so it is necessary to pay attention to the factors that may affect the flatness of gift box.