Factors Affecting The Printing Of Packaging Boxes

- Aug 07, 2018-

In the printing industry, many enterprises in the printing process, the printing quality of products will always appear different quality problems. So what are the factors that affect box printing? Below small make up to introduce you.

1, printing plate wear

Plate wear will make the dot smaller, shallower, thus affecting the dot ink load. The result of plate wear is that the overall color becomes lighter. Sometimes the white plate wear on the amount of ink on the white ink, the substrate background color of the covering power is insufficient, at this time should stop production for a new version, the old version of the new plating. If the plate cylinder using a transitional screen wall collapse can not be deplated, should be made again.

2. Printing environment

Printing room temperature if there is a large change, the flow of ink will change. General production workshop temperature, temperature control in the temperature (23 5) degrees Celsius, humidity 60% 5%. In addition, in the winter when using ink, to preheat ahead of time, in order to increase the flow of ink.

3. Inconsistent patterns and colors

Horizontal layout of a number of patterns at the same time, the printing plate may occur on both sides of the pattern color inconsistency. In the process of plate making, especially full field, electric engraving from left to right is easy to produce changes in dot size, therefore, should pay attention to check the printing effect of the left and right ends of the plate cylinder.

4, version

Dot blockage will cause the transfer of ink, printing color will change. In the case of blocking, solvent or special cleaning agent should be used to clean the printing plate, at the same time for blocking the cause of the corresponding measures.

5. Rationality of plate design

The influence of plate design on the printing process and postpress processing should be fully considered in plate design. For example, about 80 percent and 5 percent of the network jump area color easily occur and level, should take measures to change in advance.

6. Printing conditions

When the layout is exposed to irregular wind, the printing speed and drying speed will change, resulting in the color change of the printed matter. These factors should be fully considered in the printing process.

The above is about the impact of the packaging box printing several factors, I hope to help you. We can pay attention to the above problems when printing packaging boxes, to avoid all kinds of problems in printing.