About Color Difference Problem

- Jul 18, 2019-

Color printing is overprinted by CMYK four-color version. Due to the special characteristics of printing and substrate, the color difference of printed products is within ±10%, which is a qualified product. There are certain differences between visual color and printed product color on the display. Different batches of products will also be slightly different. For details, please refer to the international offset printing standard ISO12647-2.

1. There is a color difference between the actual printing effect and the computer screen display.

The picture is displayed in RGB color mode on the computer screen, the color is brighter, and the color mode of printing is CMYK. The color mode is different. It is normal to have a slight color cast, and the printed color will be affected by the strength of the paper and the light source. Therefore, the actual printing effect and the computer screen display effect will have a slight chromatic aberration.

2. Different batches of the same document will also produce chromatic aberration

In the printing process, the drying speed of the ink will be affected by the surrounding environment such as temperature and humidity. Therefore, the printing of different batches will be different due to the change of the environment in the printing workshop at different time periods, and the imposition printing is adopted. Printing multiple times before and after the same document will have a certain probability of different color depths.

3. The same batch of printed products can not guarantee 100% absolute color difference

Jieke Printing uses the combination printing, which means that all the printed products are put together for printing. The advantage is that the price is cheap. The disadvantage is that the computer automatically unifies the color, and cannot specifically color the single file. The color control is ±15. % is normal. Therefore, even if it is the same batch of orders, it is impossible to guarantee 100% absolute color difference.

 How to correctly judge the color difference:

According to the printing industry's finished product acceptance standards, the error of each value of C.M.Y.K is controlled within 10%. The color deviation of the reference chromatogram in this standard will be regarded as the normal range. Please also know.

● How to avoid chromatic aberration?

1. Please use professional drawing software to make printed manuscripts. Be sure to set them to CMYK color mode. The total value of CMYK four colors should not exceed 250%.

2. Avoid using colors or templates that are extremely easy to color, such as purple, dark blue, orange, brown, strong metallic, and gradient red.

3. If you have strict requirements on the color of printed products, you can contact customer service to apply for special edition printing.