What security information is included on the gift box

- Mar 13, 2019-

In order to adapt to the fast pace of work and life, the gift box has become our should use, we often use it to wrap all kinds of gifts, so that they become bigger, let us give what more face. The following is an introduction to the security information we need to make clear when using the gift box:

1. Please check the QS mark and food production license number on the gift box carefully;

2. Carefully observe the production date and expiration date on the gift box;

3. Observe whether the gift box has swelling, tear marks, liquid leakage, bottle cap being unscrewed and other phenomena;

4. Check whether the color transition and stacking of the gift box are normal.

In order to ensure the safety of the items in the gift box, we should check according to the above points when using the gift box, so that we can rest assured to use.