What is the role of gift box standardization?

- Jan 24, 2019-

Gift box standardization is a necessary condition for the production and circulation of modern products and an important part of scientific management of the gift box industry. It will play the following huge roles for the entire national economy:

1. Can significantly improve economic efficiency, can save raw materials, reduce the cost of gift box;

2. The standardization of gift boxes is conducive to improving and ensuring the quality of gift boxes, so that products will suffer less losses in circulation;

3. It can encourage enterprises to design, produce, inspect and other management activities around these standards, which is conducive to improving the management level of gift boxes;

4. The standardization of gift boxes simplifies the specifications and models of gift boxes, making them suitable for large-scale industrial production, improving labor productivity, reducing production costs and ensuring quality;

5. Various standards can be followed for gift box products, which simplifies the production process, saves raw materials and reduces labor consumption;

6. Gift box standardization is conducive to improving export capacity, joining the international economic cycle, and difficult to break through trade barriers;

7. The establishment of gift box standards comes from production practice and has been tested by production practice, which can protect products;

8. Greatly facilitate storage and transportation, facilitate stacking neatly, provide good conditions for circulation, and greatly reduce the loss of products in the process of circulation.