The value of the gift box

- Dec 05, 2018-

Gift boxes are widely used in some industries and have achieved remarkable results. The packaging industry has a unique value for the application of value engineering, but we do not know what value it has. Come and have a look at the gift box manufacturers:

1. The gift box has collected intelligence and relevant information. Make full use of information sources, including technical and economic data collection, and collect, collate, identify, screening, the formation of a detailed report.

2. The gift box realizes value analysis. Identify and define the necessary functions and excess functions of the gift box, and seek the matching of functions and costs with the method of qualitative analysis, so as to improve the functional structure and reduce the cost of the gift box.

3. Put forward improvement plans. It is necessary to establish the concept of "doubt" and "overthrow", that is, the original plan and old ideas cannot be restricted, but the original gift box should be suspected of being unreasonable and uneconomical, the original plan should be denied, and some new ideas and plans should be put forward. Technical evaluation, economic evaluation and social evaluation were carried out for several alternative improvement schemes, and the market reflection after the improvement was predicted and investigated.

4. Implementation and inspection of the scheme. Organize the relevant departments to formulate the schedule of program implementation, control, coordinate, track and supervise the implementation process, timely check the effect, and constantly summarize and improve.