Gift Box Packaging Printing surface Treatment

- Sep 11, 2018-

The surface treatment of gift box packaging and printing is very important in the production process of gift box. With the development of color printing industry, the post-printing surface treatment of color printing becomes more and more important in the production of package in central China. At present, the success or failure of color printing market competition depends on the packaging of goods to a great extent, and the quality of color printing goods after the surface treatment determines the quality of packaging material market. Therefore, we can say that post-printing surface treatment is an important technical means to improve the level of packaging and enhance the competitiveness of the commodity market printing market. Next, the gift box manufacturer will briefly talk about the surface treatment skills after the printing of gift box packaging:

Common color printing post-printing surface treatment technologies include:

1. Calendering: calendering is a modification process after glazing the printed matter, or direct calendering printing technology. On the presswork pressure light because glazing material after natural leveling, drying glossiness is not ideal for some fine presswork should be calendered equipment consumables. The equipment used is calendering machine, many calendering machine and glazing machine matching the use of printing technology.

2. Other special processing technologies: in recent years, there are many special processing technologies for color printed materials after printing, and the development of printing tools is also rapid. Common surface coating (also known as spray), surface grinding (also known as sand, that is, in the color printing surface evenly ground grinding hemp sand point), embossing embossing, embossing (concave) or short for embossing printing tools. All these new color printing post - press finishing techniques have been seen more frequently in everyday use of packaging in central China. Especially exquisite handicrafts, gift box packaging common materials prices.