Coated Paper Demand to Gain Tailwinds from Rising Growth of Retail Packaging Box

- Jan 24, 2020-

Sales of coated papers are witnessing exponential rise on account of rising demand form Packaging Box applications. Rising penetration of online trade and e-commerce and rising inclination toward door-step delivery are also driving demand for coated papers in retail Packaging Box. These insights are according to the latest report by FR which offers an all-inclusive analysis of opportunities brimming in the global coated papers market.

With the decrease in domestic slack time, on account of dual income families, demand for home-delivery retail systems have taken off significantly. This, in turn, is likely to create new revenue streams for the manufacturers of coated papers over the forecast period.

[An ever-evolving demand for coated papers of excellent textures & grain quality is encouraging manufacturers to focus on distinguishable offerings, with no room for quality compromises", says the FR report.

As per the FR report, the competitive landscape of coated papers market is undergoing drastic transformations. With the emergence with multiple small and medium sized players in the global market landscape, consolidation via valuable offerings remains a chief concern among the leading companies in the coated papers market.

Evolving trends in the coated paper market present both opportunities and risks for the manufacturers, with each regional market making shifts in terms of preferences. Increasing reluctance to plastic packaging is resulting in a staggering demand for paper Packaging Box, creating sustained opportunities for manufacturers of coated papers. Moreover, coated papers also offer the scope to accommodate good quality print images, which is also working in favor of the coated papers market.

Thermal papers are being extensively used across multiple applications of daily life, ranging from price tags & checkout receipts in supermarkets to parcel labels in logistics centers. Demand for thermal papers is growing by leaps and bounds as they offer immense scope for printing of information, comparatively quickly & economical. Laminators and finishers, for developing self-adhesive labels and checkout rolls of any conceivable type, seek coated papers of optimal quality. In response to this, manufacturers of thermal papers are devising effective strategies in line with the evolving end-user behavior & preferences to enhance their net profit margins.

Manufacturers, in order to be well-positioned for growth in the thermal papers industry,Esp. the Paper Box/Packaging Box, will have to focus on a few crucial aspects-

Management of short- & long-term harmony in the supply-demand equation
Find the next-level of cost optimization
Product development via value creation in the ever-evolving business landscape