Classification of Gift Box design

- Aug 27, 2019-

Reciprocity is a fine tradition in our country. When giving gifts, the use of gift boxes not only conveys the emotional exchange between people and information, and improve the positioning of gifts, it will appear solemn and polite, it is the link between human emotional communication media and the bridge of friendship. Gift box design multiple diversity, what are the categories? Share with you below.

1. Classification by business operation mode

Packaging can be divided into domestic product packaging and export product packaging. The main sales target of domestic product packaging is domestic consumers, while the main export product packaging is foreign consumers.

2. Classification according to functions in the circulation field

According to the function in current domain, packaging can be divided into individual packaging, inside packaging, inside packaging and outside packaging.

(1) individual packaging: also known as commodity packaging, which means products are packed in packages, bags or containers.

(2) medium packaging: a neutral packaging unit containing multiple internal packages, mainly used in the sales link. It has the effect that prevents commodity to be squeezed by external force, bump and produce damage or produce dampness, mildew, corrode wait for metamorphic change by external environment influence, and protect, beautification, publicize commodity.

(3) external packaging: the packaging used for commodity storage, transportation and circulation, usually containing multiple internal or middle packaging. Packaging material selection in line with the requirements of economy and safety.

3. Classification according to packaging materials

Packaging can be divided into paper packaging, plastic packaging, metal packaging, glass packaging, wooden packaging, and hemp, cloth, bamboo, rattan, grass made of other materials packaging. Different materials make packaging produce different visual effects, different goods also need to use different materials to packaging, in order to make the gift more safe, more beautiful.

4. Classification by product category

These types of packaging according to the characteristics of different goods and industries, the form of packaging is not the same, some focus on green consumption, some focus on safety and storage and transportation, but no matter which form of packaging should reflect the function of the box.

5. Classification according to protection technology

Packaging can be divided into anti-insect packaging, anti-radiation packaging, anti-mold packaging, waterproof packaging, shockproof packaging.

(1) pest control packaging: packaging that takes certain protective measures to protect the contents from pests.

(2) radiation-proof packaging: packaging that takes certain protective measures to prevent external radiation from damaging the quality of the contents through the packaging container.

(3) mildew-proof packaging: packaging that takes certain protective measures to prevent mildewed inner contents from affecting its quality.

(4) waterproof packaging: packaging that takes certain protective measures to prevent water immersion in the packaging from affecting the quality of the contents.

(5) shockproof packaging: packaging that takes certain protective measures to mitigate the impact and vibration of the contents and protect them from damage.

6. Classified according to the recycling times of packaging

Packaging can be divided into one-time packaging, multiple packaging and turnover packaging. Single-use packaging refers to disposable packaging, which should be recycled after use, so the cost of packaging and environmental protection factors should be taken into account. Multiple packaging refers to packaging that can be recycled multiple times. The turnover package is a kind of container between the appliance and the transportation package.

The above is based on some categories of gift box design, I hope to help you choose a reasonable and beautiful packaging their gifts.