Advantages of carton packaging features

- Feb 27, 2019-

Carton packaging is becoming more and more common nowadays. Next, the advantages and features of carton packaging are introduced in detail:

(1) carton packaging is easy to print, colorful; (2) carton packaging production is fast, easy to mass production; (3) carton packaging and folding, small storage and transportation volume and low transportation cost; (4) carton packaging machinery operation, low labor cost; (5) the total cost of carton packaging is low, the product price is cheap, easy to accept and promote; (6) cartons are easy to be recycled.

UV light is a resin added light curing agent, coating and ink printing is similar, the difference is that UV using UV curing drying. It is safer and more environmentally friendly than other glazing technology, and has the advantages of fast drying, not subject to the restrictions of the printing species, low energy consumption, energy saving, good quality, friction and corrosion resistance. UV glazing layer can bring high gloss reflection effect to design works, more and more favored by designers, usually use UV local glazing to emphasize the visual effect of a picture, give printed material texture change.

There are two main ways of finishing oil processing: printing coating processing and special finishing coating machine processing. Printing coating processing is the use of printing machine equipment for glazing coating, in fact, as a special ink for printing. In particular, in the process of printing, light oil through the ink transfer system to the plate, covering the ink has not dried, light oil and ink will be paper fiber absorption; Special glazing coater coater processing is when the printing ink dry after the use of coater equipment oiling operation, reduce the paper on the varnish coating absorption, maintain the gloss of the varnish. Substrate ink absorbency is an important factor in ensuring the gloss effect, so it is preferred to choose coated paper.

Laminating process is the paper surface processing technology, refers to the use of laminating machine in the printing surface covered with a very thin transparent plastic film. After coated printing, the surface will be more smooth and shining, fouling resistance, water resistance, abrasion resistance, books and periodicals cover color is more bright is dazzing, not easy to be damaged, print abrasion resistance, folding resistance, tensile and wet resistance have been greatly strengthened, improve the service life and beautify the appearance of all kinds of printing products.

Convex and concave: the outline of the design figure can form a three-dimensional convex or concave effect on the plane printing material through a special post-processing process. This processing process is convex and concave process. The embossing effect of paper is caused by the processing of convex and concave, so it can strengthen a certain design element in plane printing materials and highlight the visual and tactile appeal of the overall design. Convex, concave process is used for packaging paper, labels, boxes, business CARDS and other paper products, showing its value. Generally speaking, convex, concave process is particularly suitable for processing on thick paper, because thick paper than thin paper can ensure the intensity and wear resistance of relief effect, this process is divided into colored convex, colorless convex and colored concave, colorless concave.

Pressure steel wire process is well - trained steel wire, steel knife wire, sanmi wire three. Plain steel wire is used for creases on embossing box and paper. Steel cutter wire is used for cutting all kinds of profiled edge printing parts which cannot be cut on paper cutter. It is used for cutting paper box, paper, note etc.