Rigid Cardboard Round Flower Gift Box With Drawer

There have one size for this design box
There have many clors for your choice
We can customize the boxes as your designs as well.
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Process features of Gift packaging box

How to improve the value of gift boxes in the Chinese market competition, in addition to product quality in addition to the appearance of the image industry is very important, may be a product of the process characteristics, so what are the process characteristics of the product?

1, the picture of the gift box program is necessary to contact with the structure of the program together, assuming that the structure of the production can know in advance picture printing binding, sticker, vacuum aluminum polybag. This product is the representative of fashion and high technology, is a general plane printed goods with distinct, is endowed with vitality of the dynamic picture.

2. Become a method for customers to promote the image of commodities and shopping malls and a special advertising media to attract eyeballs. But many picture picture sudden change effect or all magic change flashes, gives the human with the dreamlike dynamic feeling, the advertisement effect is common, the appreciation effect is extremely strong.

3, although the product can play a quality effect, but a brief broken, so the packaging box is necessary to play a supporting effect.

4, in addition to the primary support, in the construction material selection, should pay attention to both to meet the delivery needs, make it strong structure, but also has the function of commodity display.

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