Rigid Cardboard Handheld Flower Basket Box

There have one siz for this design box
17cm X13cm X18cm
There have many clors for your choice
We can customize the boxes as your designs as well.
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Product Details

For paper bags\boxes we set up four steps of quality control:

Quality checking after printing.
After printing, the printed paper will be checked by QC staff piece by piece to make sure the color the same with approval sample.

Quality checking after die cutting.
After die cutting, cutted paper will be checked by QC staff piece by piece before moving to next step.

Quality checking on each production line.
At the end of each line, before packing into cartons, products will be checked one by one by QC staff. Even at each sub-contractor, the end of each line will be our QC who is in charge of checking.

Quality checking before shipping.
After production finished, a random test of proportion ranging from 3% to 5% will be conducted.

We strictly follow the 4 steps listed above to conduct production on-line checks and final inspection. And all goods will be conducted spot checks before being loaded into container.

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