Revolving Door Flower Rose Box For Valentine's Day

There have three sizes:
There have three colors for your choice:black ,pink,white
We can customize the boxes as your designs as well.
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Product Details

Classification according to functions in the circulation field

According to the function in current domain, packaging can be divided into individual packaging, inside packaging, inside packaging and outside packaging.

(1) individual packaging: also known as commodity packaging, which means products are packed in packages, bags or containers.

(2) medium packaging: a neutral packaging unit containing multiple internal packages, mainly used in the sales link. It has the effect that prevents commodity to be squeezed by external force, bump and produce damage or produce dampness, mildew, corrode wait for metamorphic change by external environment influence, and protect, beautification, publicize commodity.

(3) external packaging: the packaging used for commodity storage, transportation and circulation, usually containing multiple internal or middle packaging. Packaging material selection in line with the requirements of economy and safety.

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