Hot Stamped Round Flower Package Box

There have three sizes for this design:
There have many clors for your choice
We can customize the boxes as your designs as well.
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The Technology Of Gift Packing Box Printing

Now people for gifts and other aspects of special value, the request for custom packaging box is increasingly high, some packaging boxes can not make people satisfied. A lot of people are interested in amateur customization, including packaging box printing and construction process have a lot of requests, so what are the packaging box printing process? Below small make up to introduce you.

One, nano-printing

When printing on the cover of the gift box packaging, the application of nano-skills, it is very strong in the performance of details, high precision, the nano-high and low image in the mold profile will be correctly transferred to the substrate profile of the polymer film.

The image is transferred to match the height of the mold profile and the depth. This provides a rough idea of the potential use of nanotechnology. Nano-printing to become digital printing flexibility and traditional offset printing high compliance and economic characteristics.

Two, heat transfer printing

Heat transfer is the use of mechanical in copper plate to the pattern engraving, heating to a certain temperature will be our products to be transferred to the machine can be we want the pattern transfer to the product. Important for plastic, EVA, stainless steel, suitable for mass production.

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