Heart Shape Handle Flower Box

We provide all kinds of custom gift boxes. The mainly common styles include:Paper box with lids style,Magnetic paper box style of book shape style,Foldable gift box style,Sliding paper box style or drawer style,One-batch forming box style,round paper box style,hexagon paper box style.
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Surface Finishing:



UV finishing can make the printing more bright and reflecting. It includes spot UV or full UV, but not so many clients will choose full UV for its high price. The price is also calculated by the square meter of the UV. This finish can highlight the logo some important information.

Monochrome printing

It is not limited to black ones, and all those who display the printed matter in one color are. Poly Color Printing is divided into three categories: Casing Method, Register Method, and Multi-color Method.

For the color-increasing method, in the double-line range of the monochrome image, another color is added to make it clear and vivid, so as to facilitate reading. In general, the brush for children's reading materials is mostly used; the color-collecting method is independent of each other, and does not overlap each other, and there is no color edge line, which is printed on the printed matter in turn. Generally, the printing of line tables, commodity wrapping papers and topography is used

About us:

We focus on custom manufacturing of exquisite manual paper gift boxes for over 18 years.The company covers over 5000 square meters of workshop area .

With over 10 years handmade experienced staff and technical personnel for quality control,as well 20 professional trading sales,we committed to be China’s most cost-effective quality packaging factory. Main products include custom gift boxes, wine gift boxes, cosmetic gift box, perfume gift box, chocolate gift box, jewelry gift box, corrugated mailing box,flower gift boxes,electronic packaging box,custom paper bags and etc..

For now,we have produced thousands kinds of products for clients from all over the world with different brands and designs.Including many kinds of shaped boxes used for gift packaging,such as Sliding Paper Box, Magnetic Paper Box,Foldable Paper Box, paper Box with Lids,Tube Paper Box,Hexagon Paper Box and other special shaped box requested by clients.

With a long time experience and the advanced Germany 4&6 color printing,folding box covering machine,automatic shaping machine and other box making facilities,as well as excellent services,we enjoyed a high reputation all over the world.

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