Golden Silver Flower Gift Paper Round Box

There have three sizes:
There have two colors for your choice: golden , silver
We can customize the boxes as your designs as well.
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The main factors affecting the price of gift boxes

With the continuous development of social economy, gift boxes are more and more widely used in our life and favored by the majority of users. The manufacturers of gift boxes should be more and more. The price of gift boxes is also a problem that consumers are generally concerned about. The following is a brief introduction of the main factors affecting the price of gift boxes.

1, the material selection

Gift box manufacturers can clearly understand the relationship between the purchase price of raw materials and material specifications and product quality, so the choice of different materials will also cause the difference in the price of gift boxes.

2, process

Exquisite craftsmanship will promote the purchase desire of consumers, and the craftsmanship of gift boxes will also become the main factor affecting the price.

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