Golden Hat Square Flower Gift Paper Box

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Why the boxes are so popular ?

Exquisite gift boxes play an important role in gift sales, especially in attracting consumers, increasing the added value of products and promoting the brand of enterprises. The material selection of the gift box is very important, which determines the quality and use value of the gift box. So how to choose the gift box materials? Below small make up to introduce you.

In the selection of gift box materials, paper containers still occupy the primary position, leather, wood, plastic, metal material ratio than before increased, bamboo, willow, grass and other natural materials are still less used. For some high-grade gifts and wood as the outer packaging materials.

Take the case of wine boxes. In the red wine packaging plan, it is based on the village characteristics and dense red wine civilization. In the red wine packaging plan, a lot of wood materials are used to make the red wine packaging box, and straw is added to the inner box of the red wine to foil the red wine bottle with matte materials. The red wine dense village civilization characteristic has manifested. Achieve the harmony of red wine packaging plan and wine civilization.

Paper boxes also have certain advantages in paper containers. According to different levels of gifts, the selection of materials is also different:

1. Low-grade gift packaging carton: 350 grams or more of white paper board is used for printing, laminating and die-cutting. A little more high-grade selection of 300 grams of white paper board mounted into a paper card and then printing, laminating, die-cutting molding.

2. Medium gift packaging carton: choose 250-300 grams of aluminum foil board and 300 grams of white board to mount and paste the paper into a card for printing, and then die cut the paper into shape.

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