Flamingo Flower Gift Paper Barrel Box

There have three sizes:
1# 18x17.2cm
2# 15.5x15cm
3# 12x12.2cm
There have many colors for your choice
We can customize the boxes as your designs as well.
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Factors Affecting The Printing Of Packaging Boxes

1, version

Dot blockage will cause the transfer of ink, printing color will change. In the case of blocking, solvent or special cleaning agent should be used to clean the printing plate, at the same time for blocking the cause of the corresponding measures.

2. Rationality of plate design

The influence of plate design on the printing process and postpress processing should be fully considered in plate design. For example, about 80 percent and 5 percent of the network jump area color easily occur and level, should take measures to change in advance.

3. Printing conditions

When the layout is exposed to irregular wind, the printing speed and drying speed will change, resulting in the color change of the printed matter. These factors should be fully considered in the printing process.

The above is about the impact of the packaging box printing several factors, I hope to help you. We can pay attention to the above problems when printing packaging boxes, to avoid all kinds of problems in printing.

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