Small Cardboard Packaging Magnetic Boxes For Perfume Spray

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With more and more people’s awareness of fashion increasing, perfumes have become fashionable fashion items all over the world, and even many people’s hobby is collecting perfumes. A suitable perfume package can better show the quality of perfume, and help your perfume product icing on the cake. Different fragrances are suitable for different packaging styles. Uniform packaging is likely to pass by the consumer, which is the meaning of custom perfume boxes.

This is a black small cardboard packaging for 100ml perfume spray boxes. The outer packaging box is a double-layer book-type box. An additional layer of lid is added to the lid of the conventional book-type box to enhance the sealing of the box and reduce the volatilization of perfume. The two-layer box lid is closed with a suction stone method, which is different from the traditional packaging method. Such creative packaging will definitely attract the curiosity of many consumers and prompt them to buy it.

This custom perfume box is made of black thick coated paper as a whole. The special printing process of black card hot stamping and black card hot stamping is used inside and outside the box to design the brand logo and perfume introduction. The classic noble black background is gold and black. The combination of silver characters at the bottom reflects the high quality of the perfume. When consumers open the first layer of lids, the content printed on the second layer of lids can be seen by consumers in a timely manner. If you want to tell the story of the company’s brand, it is most appropriate to place it on the second layer of lids .

The inside of the box uses EVA black inserts, which can fit the shape of the perfume bottle to design the groove. Perfume bottles are mostly delicate glass bottles, which need more careful protection. The inserts we provide have solid and thick materials to ensure that glass perfume bottles are not subject to backlog collision during transportation and prevent the leakage of liquid substances such as perfume. Our inserts can be free from abnormal odors, which can set off the exquisite appearance of the perfume bottle without disturbing the scent of the perfume itself.

This custom perfume box case is just one of our many perfume box cases. If you want to learn more, you can check out other perfume box case pages. If you already have clear goals and requirements for the packaging you want, we welcome you to contact us. Our company has rich experience in the production of packaging boxes. Any box type, material, printing process, printing color, as long as you want, we can produce it. The concept of custom packaging is to achieve the packaging that customers want most.

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