Perfume Boxes Packaging For 4 Bottles

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Custom perfume boxes are very necessary to make the packaging personalized and become the unique promotion of the product. Custom perfume packaging is essential for brand marketing. Perfumes with brand logos are easier to gain the trust of customers and can be sold at high prices to promote the value of perfumes. Fashionable and exquisite perfume boxes are very easy to attract customers’ attention and are the first step to successful product marketing. Customized perfume packaging, free to choose color scheme, graphic information, etc., will be distinguished from other brand products and gain a favorable competitive advantage.

Perfume can be sold not only in the form of a single bottle, but also in two bottles, three bottles, four bottles, or more in sets. Each bottle of perfume sold in the form of a set has a small capacity and has subtle differences to meet the needs of families or individuals for different styles of perfume. There is no doubt that everyone will have different needs for perfume according to their own personality or on different occasions. Perfume will be more popular in the form of a suit.

What we introduce for you is a 4-bottle perfume package. The customized blister is placed at the bottom of the box and can be used to fix the perfume; the printed art paper covers the surface of the blister, and the corresponding slots are printed with different perfume names, which is more conducive to the display of perfume. The perfume glass bottle stands upright in the blister slot; with the design paper insert for manual, it is a space-saving packaging design method. There is also a specific blister on the top of the boxes. The perfume glass bottle can be fixed from the top and bottom, which can completely protect the stability of the perfume. The printed content or structure of the packaging can be completely customized to meet your product needs. Please feel free to contact us.

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