Paper Tubes Boxes For 30ml Perfume Oil Packaging

Boxes style and Size: Customizable
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The cosmetic tube packaging storm is emerging in the cosmetics field, and more and more brands and products are trying to customize tube packaging to improve the display of products. In this regard, we have extensive experience in making the perfect printed tube packaging to help you realize your ideas. Especially for perfume oil packaging, we have many rich cases for your reference.

Different shapes of perfume glass bottles, you can choose a variety of packaging styles, of which custom printed paper tube boxes can be used as a reference. This is a flat-shaped perfume glass bottle that can hold 30ml of perfume. It breaks through the concept of using square cardboard boxes and used a novel round boxes packaging form. Perfume glass bottles must be fixed inside the custom boxes to avoid shaking, so that they can be fully protected from damage during transportation and sales. Therefore, the black flocking EVA is embedded in the base of the small paper tube, which fixes the bottom of the perfume glass bottle and plays a role in fixing the entire perfume. For the display content of the paper tube, according to the characteristics and brand positioning of the perfume, specific perfume packaging design is carried out, and it is reflected through CMYK printing.

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