Magnetic Rigid Cardboard Boxes For Perfume

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Perfume is a very widely sold product. There are already many classic perfume products and perfume packaging on the market. Only innovative product designs can produce innovative perfume products. The first thing consumers see is the appearance of the perfume, so creative perfume packaging is more attractive to consumers interested in creativity.

This is a creative packaging structures for perfume boxes. The perfume box uses an upgraded book-shaped box structure. The box can completely open the lid and the top of the box. This creative opening method allows consumers to have more curiosity about the perfume in the box. A magnetic buckle is designed on the box lid, which can be fastened with the magnet on the box body to ensure the tightness of the packaging box, which is also different from the traditional packaging box sealing method.

The box uses thick coated paper as the material, the overall color is rose gold, and the silver flower print is both eye-catching and foreign. It is the color of the box that modern girls like. On the front of the box, the brand logo with white background and bronzing is used, and a silver love graffiti with design sense is used as a matching element, which is full of fashion and creativity.

There are many cases of similar creative packaging boxes in our company. Of course, you can also choose a custom packaging box design that you want. We can provide a variety of packaging box shapes, materials and printing processes to present your design effects. As long as you want, we will produce it perfectly. Want to know more, please contact us!

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