Kraft Paper Packaging For Bath Bombs

Boxes style and Size: Customizable
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Bath ball bombs have a wide customer base, loved by many people, and even people will use it as a gift. The bath ball bombs are spherical, although the product can be preliminarily distinguished by color, but the information obtained is not comprehensive. It is very necessary to customize packaging for bath bombs. The boxes can determine the structure and size of the packaging according to the number of products needed. For example, these three packs of bath bombs.

The appearance of the packaging is a brown theme, and customers will naturally think the category of kraft paper packaging. The packaging material is not entirely kraft paper. In order to increase the hardness and pressure capacity of the packaging box, 1200gsm gray board paper is used as the raw material. 210gsm kraft paper is completely covered on the surface of the box. The overall vision of the packaging is brown theme. Since the box is entirely made of paper, the packaging is eco friendly.

In addition to packaging materials and structures, more effort needs to be devoted to packaging design. The unique packaging design will make the printed content of the box attractive. In order to let customers know the specific information of the product, a detailed text description will be printed on the side of the package, including the product’s composition and content. Product information description will allow customers to increase their trust in the product. The front of the customized packaging will be printed with the brand name, product name, logo, and attractive patterns to increase customer attention to the product. Since all packaging options are customizable, we will be able to improve the best product packaging solution for you

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