Hot Stamp Paper Tube Gift Boxes For Perfume Packaging

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A bottle of elegant and high-end perfume needs a matching box. Choosing a unique box for your perfume is the best promotion for perfume. Only when consumers notice the packaging first can they learn more about the perfume in the box. A good box is half of the sales success.

This is a custom paper tube gift boxes for perfume packaging. The packaging box is a cylindrical packaging box that best matches the round bottle of perfume. The thick coated paper is used as the material and a bow is designed with a ribbon on the top of the box. The overall packaging is elegant and feminine. The packaging box uses classic black and white color matching, the lid uses white as the background color, and the bottom of the box uses black as the background color. The classic color combination can highlight the elegant and noble temperament. A gilt printing is printed around the bottom of the box, and an irregular printing with artistic sense is used to improve the packaging texture. The logo of the brand is also printed on the lid of the box using a hot stamping process. The overall color of the packaging is harmonious, and the top and bottom are matched. The overall presentation is elegant and elegant, which is very suitable for elegant fragrance.

There are many styles of perfume. You can customize the packaging box according to the style of your perfume product. Our company has rich experience in designing and producing packaging boxes. You can customize a unique packaging box for your products with custom packaging boxes. We can recommend the appropriate package customization scheme for you according to your price expectations and effect expectations, and you can also choose the box type, material, color and printing method. What we can do is to provide you with the greatest convenience and the most perfect products. Welcome your consultation and understanding!

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