Hot Stamp Cardboard Tube Packaging For Perfume

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A small, delicate and sweet perfume is a gift that every girl wants. The perfume itself is a product that pays attention to details and pursues exquisiteness. The outer packaging of the perfume must also keep up with enough cuteness. Otherwise, how can your carefully designed and produced perfume be noticed by consumers? Therefore, a customized and suitable perfume box is extremely important.

This is a pink small cardboard tube packaging for perfume. The packaging box is a cylindrical package, and the whole is made of thick coated paper, which has a good gloss. The background color is a girly champagne pink, which looks pink and high-grade overall. Both the inside and outside of the box are printed with gold and silver printing processes to design the brand’s logo, which is in line with the style of packaging bingbing.

The inside of the cylindrical box lid has a white EVA groove designed according to the shape of the perfume bottle cap. After the lid is closed, the perfume bottle can be better fixed in the box, and it will not shake due to bumps during transportation. Avoid leaking perfume. The bottom part of the cylindrical box has been specially heightened. When the lid is opened, the bottom can be used as a small booth for perfume bottles. The perfume can also be better displayed when displayed in the window, and the perfume is highlighted by raising it.

Overall, this perfume bottle package combines multiple functions of beauty and practicality. Whether on the product shelf, during transportation, or in the hands of consumers, it can help perfume sales.

This is just one of many cases of perfume bottle packaging. If you need different design effects, we can provide other cases of perfume bottle packaging. Of course, if you want to customize a unique personalized packaging for your perfume bottle, we are very willing to provide you with a customized box service. Customized packaging boxes can better show your product positioning and style, and are tailored to the preferences of your target market. We can provide a variety of box types, various types of packaging paper materials and spot color, multi-color printing services. As long as you make a request, we will definitely create the packaging you want.

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