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The shape of the perfume bottle is diverse, and the same style of packaging box can continue the shape from the inside to the outside. The general packaging box is not suitable for packaging perfume bottles with special shapes, so custom perfume bottle packaging is a good choice.

This is a fashion hexagon packaging for perfume boxes. The six-sided box is full of design. This packaging box is an innovation on the traditional cylindrical packaging box. The circular cross-section has been changed to a hexagon, which has a more three-dimensional effect. It is very suitable as a multi-faceted perfume bottle packaging box to achieve a unified shape. . The packaging box is made of thick coated paper as the material, and the box body as a whole is selected from the jujube red as the background color, which is more low-key than the bright red. The bottom of the box is gold. After the lid is closed, a circle of gold edges will be exposed at the bottom and middle of the box, making the box more colorful.

On the top of the lid, there is a pull-tab design made of a black ribbon, which is convenient to pick up the lid and handle it well in terms of customer use. The box body uses the hot stamping printing technology to print the brand LOGO and product information, which echoes the exposed gold circle decoration. The packaging box has a cross-shaped design as a whole, with a vintage court atmosphere, which is particularly suitable as a packaging box for vintage style and design perfume bottles.

The color of the perfume box can also be designed according to the color of the inner perfume bottle to increase the consistency of the product. For example, to match rose floral fragrance, the box can choose rose red as the background color. In this way, different package colors of different smells of the same brand can be used to enrich consumers’ choices.

If you have more ideas for perfume boxes, we can change the box structure, materials, colors and printing process according to your needs, and customize a box you want. Our customization experience and production technology are very mature, welcome your consultation and understanding!

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