Hard Cardboard Drawer Boxes For Soap Packaging

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Soap is a very common daily necessities. If you want to distinguish it from other soap products, a dazzling packaging can play a big role.

This is a Hard cardboard drawer boxes for per soap packaging. It uses cardboard as the material. The drawer structure is different from the common folding carton structure, which is easy to arouse consumer curiosity. The outside of the box uses a very bright fluorescent green as the background color, which is much more dazzling than the white background color used in ordinary soap boxes. On the background of fluorescent green, choose to print the LOGO with black fonts to form a sharp contrast to highlight the brand LOGO. The inner box of the drawer is black, matching the black font on the packaging box. This bold color scheme creates a sense of fashion in the soap dish and is more popular with young consumers.

We have rich experience in customization and production of packaging boxes. You can customize your soap packaging box according to the characteristics of soap products, choose the color and pattern that match your soap products, and match the packaging style you want. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us.

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