Gift Boxes For 100ml Perfume Comstics Packaging

Boxes style and Size: Customizable
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Product Details

This is a luxury empty gift boxes for perfume packaging, suitable for packaging glass bottles of perfume. The perfume packaging is divided into two parts.

The outside is a rectangular shell made of cardboard. The material is very hard and strong to protect the perfume from being squeezed from the outside. At the same time, the purple gradient design highlights the nobility and mystery of the perfume.

The interior adopts a drawer-type design, which can display the perfume when the surprise of dismantling the gift is pulled out. In order to better protect the perfume, the plastic groove design that fits the shape of the perfume bottle is especially designed to make the perfume bottle more compact. It is fixed in the package and has a good shock absorption effect to avoid damage during transportation. At the same time, the golden inner designed makes the packaging more luxurious.

In general, the packaging design not only takes into account the special safety needs of glass perfume bottles, but also matches the product positioning of the perfume with a high-level design sense. It is a packaging effect specially created for perfumes. We are professional cosmetics boxes manufacturers, please feel free to contact for custom packaging.

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