Exquisite Cardboard Boxes For Perfume Bottles Packaging

Boxes style and Size: Customizable
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Perfume is a very popular product. The capacity of perfume bottles is usually small, but the price is often expensive. We often find that perfume glass bottles are fashionable, high-end, crystal clear and unique in shape. Such high-end perfumes require custom fine cardboard boxes for perfume packaging. It should be kept in mind at all times that the first thing customers see is the shape of the box, not the perfume that can be seen through the package. And according to a social survey, fashionable perfume bottles packaging has a big impact on women’s purchasing decisions. There is a lot of evidence that many women buy products because of the exquisite boxes, and judge the value of the product according to the style of the package

Our team highly recommends this perfume packaging design as a reference. Blue plaid imitation cloth paper has a unique appeal. The interior of the box is decorated with soft real leather, which is of great significance to enhance the value of the box. If the perfume glass bottle shakes during transportation, it may even hit the inside of the box, which may damage the bottle and perfume value. Using an insert as a base inside the box to fix the glass bottle is protection to the value of perfume.

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