Drawer Style Perfume Rigid Gift Boxes

All for customizable
Used for luxury perfume packaging
Inside with strong blister tray
Drawer-style for easy access to the packaged product
Made from fancy metallic paper and rigid cardboard materials
Professional silk screen printing and surface treatment
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Product Details

Two materials for the rigid box

With the rise of paper packaging materials for packaging manufacturers, more and more paper packaging materials have been continuously developed, and strive to seek more diverse advanced, rigid paper materials, which can be said to be relatively hot materials in recent years. However, in fact, this kind of hard paper material has been applied to the customization of the packaging box very early. Because people are now pursuing the quality of life and some changes in environmental protection concepts, the requirements for the rigid box need more cardboard boxes. It is used to load goods with higher value and more gifts with meanings.
The first is a cardboard box, which has a hardness of some to some extent because it has 3 to 6 layers or more material to make it stronger.
The second type is the kraft paper rigid box. This material is not as thick as the first type of white cardboard, but the fiber from his own physical structure makes the overall hardness improve, not so fragile, although he The thickness is a little thicker than ordinary double copper or single copper paper, but his thickness is not as thick as cardboard, but his hardness is not inferior to white cardboard.
The two kinds of hard paper materials mentioned above are the materials currently used in the packaging box manufacturers to make hard paper rigid boxes.

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