Clear Plastic Tube Packaging For Perfume Boxes

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There are many styles of perfume box for reference. Perfume packaging design includes structural design and graphic design, the purpose is to make packaging and perfume can attract customers’ attention. The perfume is usually completely sealed inside the boxes, and the package needs to be opened to see the perfume glass bottle and product style. Have you considered designing a clear window on a custom package to visually show some or all of the fragrance product? Clear plastic tube packaging for perfume, will fully display the characteristics of perfume.

This is a 3-pack perfume boxes set in a custom tube packaging. The body part of the tube package is a clear tube formed of PVC. When the package is sealed, the style and volume of the perfume can be seen. The necessary information of the product, such as the brand and the characteristics of the perfume, can be printed on the top and bottom positions. In order to place 3 bottles of mini perfume in an orderly manner inside the paper tube, a thick blister is placed at the bottom of the tube to fix the perfume. It is even possible to insert a blister on the inner top of the tube package to secure the perfume glass bottle. For more details about custom tube packaging for perfume boxes, please contact us immediately and we will provide you with the best service.

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